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Sorin M, Rezanejad M, Karimi E, Fiset B, Desharnais L, Perus LJM, Milette S, Yu MW, Maritan SM, Doré S, Pichette É, Enlow W, Gagné A, Wei Y, Orain M, Manem VSK, Rayes R, Siegel PM, Camilleri-Broët S, Fiset PO, Desmeules P, Spicer JD, Quail DF, Joubert P, Walsh LA. Single-cell spatial landscapes of the lung tumour immune microenvironment. Nature.  2023 Feb;614(7948):548-554


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*Roy DM, *Walsh LA, Desrichard A, Huse JT, Wu W, Gao J, Bose P, Lee W, Chan TA *co-first authorship. Integrated Genomics for Pinpointing Survival Loci within Arm-Level Somatic Copy Number Alterations. Cancer Cell. 2016.


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